Data Scientist TJO in Tokyo

Data science, statistics or machine learning in broken English

Greetings from Ginza in Tokyo, Japan

Hello everybody in data science community -- I'm TJO from Ginza, Tokyo. Ginza is one of the most bustling downtowns in not only Tokyo, but also all over Japan.

After 6 years academic career in experimental neuroscience, I moved to data science in the IT industry. Although I've learned several topics in statistics and/or machine learning during my academic career, still I have to keep on learning them and catch up the latest ones.

Right now I'm mainly using R, Python and some data storage and/or DBs including Hadoop. The current mission of my job is ad-hoc analysis on digital marketing. I love MCMC techniques for quantitative analysis and machine learning classifiers for any classification tasks.


In this blog, I'm writing about what I learn in data science, statistics and/or machine learning in order to share it, and to listen to any comments on it. I believe such comments must help me understand them more. I'd be happy if you accept my broken English. :)

At the same time, I want to report the current situation of "data science" and "data scientist" in Japanese market to people in the global market; Yes, indeed we have a big wave of "big data" and "data scientist" here, but I found its consequence may differ from the one in the global market, in particular in U.S. At least it's already approaching to the "tough of disillusionment" of the Hype Cycle.


I hope that this blog helps you understand data science in Japan much more, and that it also brushes up my skills in statistics or machine learning.

Many thanks!